Kings, emperors and fairies: wildlife of the Southern Ocean

19 October 2018 - 12:00

Norwich Science Festival event

Venture to the Southern Ocean and you’ll find all kinds of fascinating wildlife! Dive beneath the waves with UEA’s Caroline Still and meet the kings, emperors and fairies that glide underwater on feathered wings.

Circumnavigating Antarctica, the Southern Ocean is home to some extraordinary wildlife. This talk will explore some of the remarkable adaptations of the wildlife there, with a focus on penguins. Why do penguins swim but cannot fly? How can they dive to depths of over 500 metres? Why do they waddle when they walk?

Caroline Still from the School of Education and Lifelong Learning at UEA works on expedition ships in Antarctica as a polar naturalist and will answer these, and other fascinating animal facts in this engaging, interactive talk.

Suitable for ages 11 and up.

Free - Please book in advance
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Sir Isaac Newton College
Bethel Street
Type:Talk or discussion