Being governed by nature

19 February 2019 - 18:15

Philosophy lecture by Dr Rupert Reid (UEA)

With discussant Dr Sophie Scott-Brown (UEA) and Dr Janosch Prinz (UEA).

What does it mean to be governed? We usually associate being governed with politics. In modern democracies, we are supposedly self-governing. But what does it mean to govern ourselves? And do we, really? Or perhaps we should associate being governed with the laws of nature; then being governed comes as necessity.

Over five events, the 2019 philosophy public lecture series will explore ways in which our lives are being governed that fall in the space between the voluntarism of politics and necessity of laws of nature, including by way of 'economics', 'rules', 'nature', 'social science' and 'populism'.

Free - Booking not needed
Thomas Paine Study Centre Lecture Theatre
University of East Anglia
Type:Talk or discussion