Viral Kindness NR2

Thursday 9th April 2020 - 8:00

Viral Kindness NR2.
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A lot of us are stuck at home right now, but physical distancing doesn’t have to mean isolation and loneliness. This group is for anyone in [X town/neighbourhood/area] who wants to connect, share, identify ways we can help each other, protect the most vulnerable, and spread a little hope, love and kindness at a time we need it more than ever.

Choose to trust: we may be strangers, but we can choose to trust that we're coming from a good place, and only withdraw that trust if we have good reason to. It makes a huge difference to how we approach each other.

Gratitude is the attitude: appreciating what everyone contributes can make a huge difference to bringing out the best in all of us.

Eyes on the prize: it's easy to get distracted or sidelined by little differences or debates - let's keep focused on the goals we share and the work we’re doing.

Kindness and respect: after one kind warning, we will ask people who are struggling with anger or disrespect to leave the group.

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