Coronavirus, War & Empire

Saturday 6th June 2020 - 12:00

Coronavirus, War & Empire: Arundhati Roy and Jeremy Corbyn in conversation with Tariq Ali
Organised by Stop the War Coalition

Novelist, activist and campaigner Arundhati Roy and Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the Labour Party and Chair of Stop the War, will be discussing the impact of Covid-19 on the geopolitical landscape with writer and activist Tariq Ali.

During the coronavirus crisis China and the US have become increasingly belligerent, and oil prices have plummeted, while bombs made in the richest countries in the world have continued to fall on the poorest. Our eminent speakers will discuss, among other issues, whether the current crisis will lead to permanent change in the world order and whether the assent of China been hastened in recent months. They will examine the role India might play in the coming struggle for global dominance and whether the age of American dominance is finally drawing to a close.

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Category:Peace and international relations
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