Atomic bombing of Hiroshima would be illegal today

03 August 2020 - 16:00

Global Webinar: Why the atomic bombing of Hiroshima would be illegal today.

Join BAS for a Bulletin Global Webinar featuring Scott Sagan, Allen Weiner, and Bulletin columnist Sara Kutchesfahani.

Time: 10 am Central (= 16.00 BST)
Where: Zoom Meeting
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Just days before the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Sagan and Weiner will discuss why the atomic bombing of Hiroshima would be illegal today. As they note in their recent article published in the Bulletin “the history of the decision to drop the bomb has been told many times. But what has been underplayed is how concerns about ethics and law were invoked, but in a muted and often rationalizing manner that had little impact on the targeting of Hiroshima.” We invite you to read the article in the July issue and join us on August 3.

Scott Sagan is a political scientist based at Stanford University and a member of the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board. Allen Weiner is an international legal scholar also based at Stanford University. Sara Kutchesfahani is the director of the N Square DC Hub and the newest Bulletin columnist.

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Category:Peace and international relations
Type:Talk or discussion
Contact: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists