Two tier parking at County Hall (a deadline)

18 September 2020 - 12:00

(Signatures for this petition will be especially useful if entered ahead of a council meeting on Monday September 21st.)

Norfolk County Council has made a planning application to install two tier parking over a site at County Hall. Not surprisingly the Council has granted itself planning approval, despite many objections, including those of the City Council (but the secretary of state has been asked to re-examine the decision).

The proposal is so wrong on so many counts:
- the effect on the Repton landscape park in which it sits,
- the effect on neighbours who will be overlooked,
- the lack of a need when most of the county council staff continue to work at home
- the avoidance of an opportunity to encourage more use of public transport cycling walking etc for the health of staff and the environment,
- the cost: at just under £2m it is extravagant and unnecessary especially when the Council has cut back on so many front line services.

The Bracondale Residents Association has registered a petition on the Council's website, using the last point as a key item, because the subject is going to a council meeting on September 21st. The petition remains open until 29th November, but it would be good to get as many signatures as we can before the 21st September.
If you support our view, please sign the petition as soon as possible, and do pass on these details to anyone else you know who might support us: the link is

Free - Booking not needed
Contact: Bracondale Residents Association