Corporate trade deals: A history of resistance

23 September 2020 - 19:30

Corporate trade deals: A history of resistance.
In the face of the corporate interests who are pushing for the US-UK trade deal, our voices can sometimes feel quite small. But there are numerous examples from the last few decades of people’s movements defeating the best efforts of multinational corporations and their political allies to impose similar agreements.

As part of this year’s The World Transformed (TWT) festival, now itself transformed into an online event throughout September, we’re organising a special discussion on why trade deals have been a crucial part of the way the global economy has been reorganised in favour of the rich – and what we can learn from the rich history of resistance to such deals.

We’re really pleased to be welcoming Luciana Ghiotto a researcher with the Transnational Institute and activist with ATTAC Argentina. Luciana was involved in the successful fight against the Free Trade Area of the Americas and is a co-founder of the continental alliance América Latina Mejor Sin TLC (Latin America is better off without FTAs).

Also speaking will be Nick Dearden, who was a leading light in the campaign against TTIP, the now-abandoned EU-US trade deal, and whose recent book, Trade Secrets, makes the case against the US-UK deal.

I’m really looking forward to digging into why the attempt to impose corporate trade deals has often created moments of crisis for the system, and how we fit into this history of struggle against them. I hope you can join us.
James O’Nions, Head of activism at Global Justice Now.
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