Women resisting fascism

18 September 2020 - 14:00

Women resisting fascism: citizenship, solidarity and care.
Workshop, 2PM–4PM
GMT+1 / British Summer Time
Capacity: Limited spaces available
*** The first part of this session will be livestreamed on the TWT Facebook page ***

This year, India has seen a mass movement against Modi’s Islamophobic citizenship laws. Women students protested and working class Muslim women occupied public spaces. Care and creativity shaped these occupations: from communal kitchens to poetry performances. Subsequently, women activists have been framed and jailed under draconian anti-terror laws. We will hear from activists in Delhi, discuss care, creativity and mutual aid as feminist resistance, apply these strategies to our own struggles, and plan solidarity with those resisting fascism in India.

[Note: This event is one of many throughout September in this year’s The World Transformed (TWT) festival. For the full programme, visit
https://globaljustice.us14.list-manage.com/track/click?u=eebd66b68746be9844586842a&id=e548431e66&e=9d64f61a1a ]

Free. Donation welcome - Please book in advance
Category:Justice and injustice
Type:Training or workshop