Cities: Skylines – Radical Urbanism

25 September 2020 - 20:00

Cities: Skylines – Radical Urbanism.
A panel discussion.
8PM–10PM (GMT+1 / British Summer Time)
What would a Green New Deal look like?

This livestream hosted by Justin Roczniak explores ideas for the revitalisation of Carlingdon-by-Sea, a fictional Northern town modelled for TWT using the urban planning simulation game Cities: Skylines. As a panel of academics and community activists give pre-recorded lectures and take part in a live Q&A, the changes they propose will be simulated in the game.
A collaboration between TWT, Open House Festival and Labour for a Green New Deal.

[Note: This event is one of many throughout September in this year’s The World Transformed (TWT) festival. For the full programme, visit ]

Free. Donation welcome - Please book in advance