Foreign Policy Under Biden - London CND Conference

Sunday 24th January 2021 - 16:00

What now? Foreign Policy Under Biden - London CND Conference.
Event by London Region Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Scientists for Global Responsibility and DED_ucation
4 PM UTC – 5:30 PM UTC

Our annual conference is online this year, 4-5.30pm on Sunday 24 January, with a roundtable on Biden’s likely impact on foreign policy and two breakout sessions – about making London a nuclear ban community, and on the military’s presence in British universities.
Speakers include:
- Phyllis Bennis from the the Institute for Policy Studies,
- Jenny Clegg, author of China's Global Strategy: Towards a Multipolar World,
- Stuart Parkinson from Scientists for Global Responsibility
- Demilitarise Education
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Free: booking essential - Please book in advance
Category:Peace and international relations
Type:Talk or discussion
Contact: London CND