The Internet’s [White] Boyfriend: From Feminist Ryan Gosling M

Friday 30th April 2021 - 14:00

Event organised by MA Gender Studies UEA

MA Gender Studies at UEA presents Dr Francesca Sobande (Cardiff University).

The Internet’s [White] Boyfriend: From Feminist Ryan Gosling Memes to Timothée Chalamet Twitter Discourse

The internet’s boyfriend – three words that capture issues regarding idealised masculinity, intimacy, and irony, in relation to digital depictions of famous men. Whether it is people impatiently awaiting Timothée Chalamet’s Instagram stories or using memes to pay homage to Jeff Goldblum’s style, individuals are engaging with the internet to express their affection for male celebrities. Such celebrating of contemporary masculinities is nothing new. However, internet culture has changed how conversations and conventions concerning masculinity manifest in society. What predates recent discussions of the internet’s boyfriend includes the creation of Feminist Ryan Gosling memes by Danielle Henderson. Cue humorous memes that were part tongue-in-cheek pop culture in-joke and part accessible academic theorising. Henderson paired images of Gosling with witty text that often opened with “hey girl”, (re)framing the actor as being a feminist, of sorts. Feminist Ryan Gosling (Henderson, 2012) remains a hallmark of the remediation of celebrity masculinities amidst digital remix culture.

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