Threats of War: Britain's New Global Role

17 April 2021 - 14:00

Threats of War: Britain's New Global Role
The government has increased the UK's stockpile of nuclear warheads, ramped up hostility to Russia, invested billions in new cyber and spacewar tech and stepped up the British military presence in the Asia Pacific, all as part of its vision of 'Global Britain'.

Join leading activists, writers and academics in analysing this dangerous new programme of interventionism and discuss how the movement can best counter it.

There will be sessions on Britain's role in the Middle East; Biden and the conflict with China; Final frontiers: the arms trade, space war and AI; Racism and Islamophobia; War and climate change and more.

Speakers include: Tariq Ali, Jeremy Corbyn, Lindsey German, Paul Rogers, Lowkey, Kate Hudson and more.

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Category:Peace and international relations
Type:Talk or discussion
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