OxPeace 2021: Peace in the Nuclear Era

Saturday 15th May 2021 - 9:00

OxPeace 2021: Peace in the Nuclear Era - Threats, Treaties and Public Understanding
Oxford Network of Peace Studies, Annual Conference

Below is the draft programme of OxPeace 2021, an important online conference that members of the British Pugwash Executive have helped develop.

09:00 - Session 1 - Current threats and challenges
Lord Des Browne - Current threats and challenges, political and diplomatic
Dr Nick Ritchie -The NPT v the UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Solutions?
10:30 - Session 2 - High risk confrontations, Emerging technologies, Global threats
Amb. Peter Jenkins (Pugwash)- Iran, Israel and West Asia
Edward Howell (Oxford) - North Korea and nuclear weapons: a perpetual challenge to the international order?
Emerging technologies: Implications and counter-measures
Marina Favaro (IFSH) - Emerging Technologies, and their impact on crisis stability
Sebastian Brixey-Williams (BASIC) - A Responsibility-led approach to the reduction of Strategic Risks
The rest of the world, and beyond:
Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh (Wits, SA) - Obedient rebellion: Nuclear-weapon-free zones in the global south
Dr Christopher Watson (Pugwash) - Global & other threats (eg. from proliferation, space & terrorists)
12:00 - Session 3 - Public understanding and education
Jeremy Cunningham - School programmes, web resources, universities.
Koji Nakamura - Japan and educational dilemmas
Jamie Kwong (KCL) - Public understanding: Organizations and media
13:10-13:15 - Closing remarks - Revd Liz Carmichael
End of meeting - 13:30
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