Everything Unplugged East

Cross-boundary dialogues that loosely focus on education, business, learning, society and how new technologies are reshaping the social landscape.

The aim is to create a convivial space in downtown Norwich, for informal learning and idea generation, by gathering a group of people from different disciplines together, to break bread and have dialogue. Rather like the British coffeehouses that started in Oxford in the 17th Century, and were part of the trigger for the Enlightenment.
Learning is a social activity that is often most productive in a relaxed atmosphere.

EUE is the space for the intellectual playing that triggers ideas and learning. It is an oasis for social, face-to-face dialogue which is not ruled by hierarchy, outcome objectives or political agendas. Its value lies within the people who are there, and their ability to listen, contribute, wonder and challenge constructively.

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Contact: Mark Narayn
07917 731298