The Grapes Hill Community Garden Group

Registered Charity Number 1156616
The group initially aimed to bring together people living in the area by encouraging them to get involved and help turn an undeveloped and overgrown site into an area of beauty for the whole community to use.

The garden is now complete and has 9 deep raised beds which have been allocated to local residents who have no garden to grow their own vegetables and we offer the services of a Norfolk Master Gardener to give them advice if needed. Contact us if you are interested.

Otherwise it is a beautiful amenity for local residents to sit in and relax or get involved in our regular task days, during which they can learn or share skills and get to know each other. The site is fully accessible with wheelchair access and some of the raised vegetable beds are designed for wheelchair users.

Over 50% of the vegetation growing in the garden is edible.
We have succeeded in our aim to create a peaceful place for recreation, gardening, skill sharing, and water collection and composting.

We have regular task days that begin in the early Spring and continue into early winter. Volunteers join us for a couple of hours of garden maintenance including light weeding and occasionally more demanding tasks. Volunteers come to learn or share gardening skills; tools, tea and cake are always provided. Watch out in the listings and on website and Facebook page for dates in 2017.

We hold fundraising events such as musical gigs and winetasting evenings in local community centres. We also hold several public events in the garden to raise funds but also to enhance social cohesion in the area by providing fun and entertainment for all age groups.

We hold several public meetings in order to allow full engagement and decision making in all that we do. Again look out in the listings and our website and Facebook page. We are always on the lookout for new members and active committee members and trustees. Everybody is welcome!

Annual membership starts from as little as £3 and is optional – anyone can visit the garden which is open every day of the year. Annual rental for raised beds starts from as little as £5. We encourage sponsorship of the fruit trees in the garden as a way of raising much needed funds from individuals, groups or organisations that can afford to do so. We lable the trees which are sponsored and acknowledge such generosity on our website, Facebook pages and newsletters. See our website for more details.
Grapes Hill Community Garden Group offers help and expertise to a wide range of community groups and new community gardens that are emerging throughout Norwich.
Our main funders were Groundwork, Community Spaces via the Big Lottery Fund; Greater Norwich Development Partnership, Norfolk Community Foundation and the John Jarrold Trust. From 2017 we have benefitted from a Big Lottery grant that has allowed us to expand our work and put on a range of workshops and courses as well as some brand new events.

We are very grateful for the help and moral support offered by a variety of people involved in the various Transition Norwich groups, Norwich City Council and our local councillors, Birketts LLP, Andrew Morton QS, ASquared Architects, Business In The Community ProHelp, the East of England Co-operative Society, Voluntary Norfolk, Vanna Bartlett for designing our fundraising Christmas cards, Peter Salt for letting us display his old photographs of the Grapes Hill area, Personal Paper for waiving paper and print costs and Norfolk County Council for a Landscape Conservation Grant which has paid for our fruit trees.
Thanks also to the sponsors of our fruit trees, including Inanna's Festival, Aran Services Ltd, Caroline and Peter Brimblecombe, Jane and Anthony Sayers, Peter and Fran Ellington, Dan and Jean Mooney, Eamon O’Brien, Peter O’Callaghan, Stevie Wall, Tom and Ben Loudon.

Grapes Hill Community Garden has won the following awards:
26th February 2010: Norwich EcoAwards 2010 - Eco Community Group.
1st March 2012: Norwich EcoAwards 2011-12 - Eco Community Group.
17th July 2012: Green Flag Award.
24th July 2012: Group Award, Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership Community Biodiversity Awards 2011-12.
11th September 2012: Best Community Project, Anglia In Bloom Awards 2012.
15th October 2013: Shortlisted, Norwich Society Design Awards 2013.
14th November 2013: RHS 'It’s your neighbourhood' award: Level 5 - Outstanding.

Contact: Fran Ellington