The Norwich Dandies

We create space where difference is accepted, encouraged and valued.

A well-heeled collective of artists bursting the framework of flamboyance and decadence!
Springing out of the fabulousness of the Norwich LGBT Pride celebrations the Norwich Dandies are a collective of artists publicly indulging in painting | poetry | photography | performance | drawing | sculpture | installation and more in the future!

We collaborate with many creatives as we frolick our way through the various shows and events we have dandified since our conception including Pequilla Bigtop, Gena Ivanov, Mark Scott Wood, Shelly Telly, Ole Skauge, Grant de Jonge and many more! (apologies if we have left you out let us know and will squimmy you in...)

Recently The Norwich Dandies put on a big local arts festival called Dandifest full of free events and workshops very inclusive of everyone. "Really strong work." says Marcus Dickey Horley, Director Tate Modern.

One of the shows we do is Dress like a Dandy, Pose like a Dandy and Paint like a Dandy this show goes down well with all ages and everyone at festivals or your event book us now.

We also have on going ideas that we make happen as a group or inviduals and we will keep you posted on here of out happenings.
Contact: Candy Dandy (Eloise O'Hare)
01603 618185