The Missing Kind

Better words we could not have chosen...'working for a just and sustainable world' exactly us! We have no attachment other than the desire to make a difference and leave a building block for the next generation for the betterment of humanity, animal life and planet. In the process we look forward to much learning and compromising in the search for balance and sufficiency. Novices of kindness we look to support, learn and develop our ideals.
We will hold regular network events at 'The Missing Shoe', neighbours to the 'Missing Sock'(all in the being in the Old Ponds Shoe shop, Castle Meadow). KK1- the first of our Kindahappy Cafes supported by our social enterprise trading company 'The Missing Sock'.
The venue will fit well for any subscriber of this network, keep track of us by logging on to Facebook Group 'The Missing Shoe' for those more private the website
Contact: Hugh Callacher